Rick's Hold

June 14th


Dwarf Cleric bought some masterwork boots. So did the Elven Bard. The Dwarf wants to make boots of expeditious retreat, and the Elf wants to make boots of elvinkind.

Gil got his full plate magicked, so now he’s got +1 full plate.

The Halfling went into town, met a Dwarf, knocked him out, and turned him over to the guards for some reason. The guards also arrested the Halfling, but he tricked his way out of custody eventually.

The Halfling and the Dwarf Cleric went back to town the next day, and encountered a Gambole. The Gambole killed a lot of guards. The Halfling failed a save vs. Fear and ran away for a while. The Cleric cast air walk and tried to get out of reach while more guards came and died.

Once it was dead, the Gambole’s “owner” showed up and argued with the Dwarf over its body. The menagerie owner is Zephorus, who led them back to his menagerie to show them the Gambole’s cell. He also had a raptor dinosaur, a zombie manticore, and a dark cage with a hidden monster inside. It was a doppelgänger. A really fuckin’ insane doppelgänger who appeared to Nuati as Nuati himself.

A trip to the magistrate later, Zephorus was rewarded the body of his slain Gambole. Unfortunately, the Dwarves wanted the body, so they took the Halfling to get it. The Wizard escaped with the body in shrink item form, but the Cleric and the Rogue got themselves arrested for behaving suspiciously. The Bard spoke to the magistrate and was reassured the two would be released in the morning as long as they didn’t do anything stupid.

Meanwhile, they both did something stupid….


Enzist4 Algolei

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