Rick's Hold

August 5

After a brief rest, the party decided to attempt to arm itself with a new weapon, one they didn’t use very often: knowledge! So they went to a library they has discovered the previous excursion.

Spending an hour or so in the library revealed some new information to the Wizard and Bard regarding the nature of Aboleths (basically they suck). The Bard then wanted to research Drow, while the Dwarves left, claiming to need to relieve themselves. They actually wanted to steal the loot that the Paladins had prevented them from stealing earlier.

The Wizard and Cleric headed back down to the lower level they had ‘cleared’ of monsters the previous visit. They advanced carefully, on the lookout for monsters and ambush, though they saw neither. This of course only means they just didn’t see it.

They reached the trophy room safely and quickly took the valuables that remained and hadn’t been destroyed by the rampaging Gibbering Mouthers, now that the Paladins no longer watched over the greedy Dwarves like the annoying law-abiding, law-enforcing hawks that they are sworn to be. With all the devastation and wreckage caused by the Mouthers, who’s to miss the last random items? It’s always best to rationalise one’s wrong-doings. Also, it should be noted that the Bard had discovered a talking, mummified Human head, which he had already “rescued” from the trophy room. Though capable of speech, it only states words in common at seemingly complete random. Perhaps it was driven insane by the constant babbling of the Mouthers. Won’t someone think of the head!)

While the Dwarves stole what they could (NOT the tapestry, as it was too long to be properly shrunk down to size via the shrink item spell), the unseen enemy prepared in advance. Once they had finished, the Dwarves left, heading for their companions. They ran into a Human caster, with a Hell Hound at his side, before even turning a corner. During their brief discussion, the Human, who would eventually turn out not to be Human at all, recognised the Wizard as the owner of a specific magical item. The Wizard in turn recognised the insignia worn by the “Human”, marking him as an arcane magic user for certain and probably a Sorcerer, a follower of the Cult of the Minotaur Mage.

Preferring to die rather than part with his hard earned gear, the Wizard sighed and resigned himself to combat. The Cleric , for his part, wondered WHY had he come, as usual.

The fight started poorly for the brothers, as two previously unseen Xill guards popped up out of thin air (actually they had stepped out of the Ethereal plane, as their species tend to do) and attacked. The Wizard immediately cast a spell along with his brother, then the Wizard found himself grappled by one Xill while the Cleric traded blows with them both. Once the Xill grappling the Wizard was beaten to death (or technically banishment?) he sent a magical message to Gil, who he hoped remained in the library upstairs, asking for help and warning of the monsters they faced.

While the Wizard cast several powerful spells, he was unable to affect any of his enemies with his magic, as he simply could not penetrate their magical defences and resistances. This was especially true of the “Sorcerer”, who cast his own spells down upon the area he was within, confident he would simply naturally resist them. And he did, proving so with a fireball just as Gil arrived, nearly killing both Gil and the Cleric, but leaving the Wizard unscathed. The combat progressed slowly, with the Cleric defeating the second Xill and the Sorcerer dispelling the Cleric’s magic circle against evil (it took him 3 turns!), while the Hell Hound was sent back to the plane from whence he came, as the spell that summoned it had run out of time.

Soon after, the rest of the party arrived via dimension door spells courtesy of Thomas and Moira. With their assistance, the party defeated the enemy, though it required the Paladin to physically restrain him and the Bard to shackle him, as the time and effort to render him unconscious would have been ridiculous. But despite his powers and resistances, the party had captured what turned out to be a Rakshasa. A quick interrogation followed, wherein the Wizard tried to detect the creatures thoughts. Not being able to discern anything from the wily Rakshasa, the Dwarf Wizard turned his attentions to the Wizard Thomas, who he knew held the password to activate the scrying chamber within the guild. Tricking Thomas into thinking of the password so he could read it from his thoughts, the Wizard learned the password (“DEFECIT”). This however, provoked the ire of their wizard allies, who no longer appreciate the presence of the Dwarven Wizard and possibly the Cleric and the rest of the party.

The group went to the scrying chamber and used the newly learned password. It worked and activated the chamber’s scrying pool. The group then attempted to verify what they could of the Rakshasa’s information. They found the location of the Grey Render but not the Drow.

The Wizard then attempted to find Neil, the cunning Rogue who took his bone dagger so long ago. However his attempts were unsuccessful, so he vowed to try again later.

They then travelled to the Rakshasa’s chamber, where they took everything they could, including gold, valuables, and a library of approximately 200 books. After searching the place, the party rested there to recuperate and regain their spells.


Enzist4 Algolei

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