Rick's Hold

September 27

Party returned to army camp, searched out the priest of Pelor, Posen. Posen was able to remove the vampiric curse (Thank Gods) on Dimitri and the party quickly joined the army on the march.
The army of men is joined by a small contingent of elves of Laughing Hollow (every war does need fodder) and a small battalion of Dwarves from Illfern. The army is marching to retake Knurl, a large city recently overtaken by the besieging orc hordes.
The party is dispatched to retake a tower along the walls, near the breach. Once retaken, the party is to hold and defend the tower from orcs and their allies so a fireball-throwing canon can be operated by an allied wizard from the guild.

The party settled with the rest of the army at camp outside the city and waited for the upcoming battle.


Enzist4 Vampyrefish

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