Rick's Hold

September 13

Briefly thought about sending the halfling down the chimney they discovered but didn’t want to separate the party. Opened the trap door and descended into the dungeon, where they were immediately beset upon by a group of hobgoblin sorcerer/warriors. Defeated them, but the combat was heard by the Boggle hiding in the next room. It came to help the hobgoblins but dimension door-ed away when it was obvious they were losing.

As the party looted the bodies, Khurbock and his men moved into position in the next room and Khurbock hit Dimitri with a Melf’s Acid Arrow to draw the group into the trap (or ambush if you will…). The Boggle had greased the floor at the entrance the Worg Gimick was waiting to attack the first person to enter. Sarror cast a Fireball into the room, which inadvertently drew the attention of a slumbering Umber Hulk from down the northern hallway. The Umber Hulk came in and killed a couple hobgoblins before the party had to put it down. In the confusion Khurbock and one of his men escaped to their lair to make their last stand.

Dimitri led the group down the south hallway into the hobgoblins lair, where he was hit by Khurbock’s last Burning Hands spell. Khurbock charged in, his attack being deflected by Dimitri’s Protection from Evil spell and then Dimitri put him down hard with a critical hit.

The group looted the areas they had cleared and took some more prisoners and Khurbock’s head. They are currently planning whether to continue in the dungeon or to attempt to rest somewhere with a possible vampire nearby.


Enzist4 Enzist4

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