Rick's Hold

May 1

After entering the tunnel, there were more spiders to be defeated. They were of course defeated quite soundly. The party continued to scour the dungeon, heading for the room of ghoul-looking things which turned out to be wights.

The wights immediately quailed before the clerical might of Dumathoin, making what seemed to be at first a threatening menace into a relative pillow fight. The party spent the rest of the evening swaggering through the dungeon, until they opted to returne to the entrance and on the way decided to force out whatever was in that room they had left unopened the previous day.

This newly acquired swagger had only intensified after running into another beastie: this time a flesh golem. Having never encountered such a creature or thing (or trap if you will) before, the party began the fight trepidatiously [it’s a word, look it up!] but after only a few moments had rendered the monster into a heap. Having so quickly defeated a monster they had thought deadly, the party’s confidence soared and the swagger was prominently displayed.

Their swagger quickly disappeared as a giant beetle nearly bit the paladin to death. The party recovered quickly however and regrouped before any interesting fatalities incurred, though the fight was still quite a shock!

Then they left, slept overnight, and recouped their spells to be ready for the next incursion into the dungeon.


Enzist4 Algolei

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