Rick's Hold

March 20

Remaining in the Elven city for a few days longer, the party continued their various activities. The Dwarves continued their research, only briefly interrupted by an Elf wizard of some sort. After a few basic questions, the Elf, now seemingly satisfied (he was not at all satisfied), left them to their secretive research. By the end of the week in the Elven city, the Dwarves, mostly the cleric, had determined the location, or believed so at least, of another Dwarven settlement, either ruin or even town.

Nuati continued to search for resources to trade in other lands and purchased silk and several valuable Elven jewellery pieces.

The paladins attempted to question the half-Orc prisoner they had captured at the druid’s grove the day before. This yielded few results that the Dwarves know about — actually, nothing the Dwarves would understand at all, really. After a few charm spells, the prisoner spilt his guts about nearly everything Nuati wanted to know, except for the location of the evildoers’ hideout or temple.

While the half-Orc was being interrogated once more, the party (without the wizard, who was making a scroll) was attacked by a horde of yet more half-Orcs. Most of them were warriors, but they were led by a cleric, and the fight provided some entertainment. When the battle began to grow tedious and Dimitri started to get bored, he blew his horn of Valhalla (hadn’t used it in a couple days after all) and summoned a small horde of barbarians who got in everyone’s way but still helped to defeat the half-Orc threat. This group was led by a cleric of Vecna or something. How is this connected to the other prisoners they’ve taken?


Not the terrifying Cult of Or Something!

March 20
Enzist4 Algolei

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