Rick's Hold

March 18

The party, upon arriving at the Elven city, were immediately invited to dine with the king that evening. The party quickly split up in order to accomplish their own tasks. The paladin went to discuss purchasing wood for construction with whomever he could talk to and Nuati went to look into trade and purchasing trade goods, what fun!

The Dwarves went off on their own, joy! The cleric, for his own part, was completely distracted by the journal discovered in the Dwarven ruins, huzzah! He could not be taken away from it, though he was not drawn to violence when it was briefly removed from him (unlike with a curse). The wizard fed and assisted his brother in his research, so they cloistered themselves and the four Dwarven guards in a corner of the library and ignored everyone else. They were equally ignored by everyone else.

The party (led by Nuati) hired yet another Elf to keep at the keep, maybe he intends on breeding them, who knows? Nuati knows, that’s who. This one is a wizard-smith capable of crafting such wonderful things as boots and cloaks of Elvenkind. Approximately half the party could do with a set of those!

The two paladins went into the woods since it was Saturday, looking for the centaur druid to give him either a heart, a brain, or a rhinoceros. They took the thief and the horse with them, as well as Dmitri’s hireling wizard. While there, the druid detected that they had been followed. The Halfling sneaked up on the intruder to discover it was a sleeping half-Orc. He took away the spy’s double-axe and buried it, then returned to wake him up. Thus ensued a fight which the paladin Gil joined, and which ended with the lucky capture of the spying half-Orc. The Dwarves were attacked by a summoned fiendish constrictor, which was dealt with summarily. They then returned to town with their prisoner and, somehow, a rhinoceros? I think? It’s somewhere, this rhinoceros, although no one’s quite sure where that is.

Later, whilst most of the group was in a bar conducting interviews for their new steward, Dmitri detected evil from across the bar. Without delay or hesitation he and Gil launched themselves across the room and, after a brief scuffle in which many charm spells were cast and successfully saved against, the party members rendered their victim, a half-Orc assassin, unconscious. Taking him prisoner, the party was able to, with assistance of an old Elven guy they’d met previously, discern that their harassers were members of the Cult of the Minotaur Mage, probably attempting to retake a scroll tube the wizard has. The half-Orc was captured while in possession of a recently made journal (or notebook, if you will) with detailed notes on the the party and their doings, as well as their associates and their doings as well. All in all, mighty suspicious. The town guards showed up and took this prisoner away, but not the earlier prisoner, even though they were both in the tavern and both manacled with the party’s masterwork manacles. That was a bit odd. However, they kept the journal (or notebook, wink wink) to themselves for now.


Enzist4 Algolei

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