Rick's Hold

June 19


Today began with the Halfling and the Dwarf Cleric in jail.

Naturally, they tried to instigate a prison break. No one knows why!

A riot ensued. The murderers murdered some guards. Halfdan the mass-murderer potter, who the rogue had met, traded pleasantries with and then freed, disguised himself as a guard and managed to escape after stabbing a guard repeatedly with a shiv.

In the morning, the Bard and Krotchlikmieoff went to the prison to pick up their “friends”, since they would be released in the morning if nothing went wrong. The Dwarf Cleric was released fairly quickly, but the Halfling was held for further questioning. A 500 gp bribe was required to get the Halfling released, but the guard who returned the Halfling’s equipment took a lot of his money, too. (2000 gold+ worth!). [I said a lot!!]

Because he was released through bribery, the Halfling is still wanted.

The party set out to find Halfdan the mass-murderer. They split up: The Bard and the two Paladins went to the prison to get a possession of the bad guy, then took it to a Wizard to scry with; while the Rogue and the Cleric went cruising bars trying to Gather Information (something at which they suuuuuck). The scrying showed Halfdan asleep in a cave.

The party needs to find the cave now.


Enzist4 Algolei

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