Rick's Hold

January 17

The war is over!

There was a ceremony that the party mostly ignored and Gil was knighted. Morgwais was raised from the dead, though the group had to sell off most of their acquired weapons and armour to pay for it. After a brief rest and slight re-stocking of suppplies and gear, the party started on their return journey to Rick’s Hold and Home.

After 2 days of peaceful travel, the group came to the small settlement of Riverton, home of a mini-menagerie and mage shop. There were loose monsters from a small disaster in the shop, whereby several captives beasties got free.

The party was enlisted in returning the creatures to their cages and hopefully rendering the owner back to flesh from stone. (She got bit by a cockatrice). The party easily dealt with the reptile chickens and gave them (unconscious) back to the apprentice of the owner. Sir Krotchlikmeoff panicked at the sight of a rust monster and slaughtered it before it could reduce his prize armour to rust dust. The wizard berated him for his overzealous reaction until he himself accidentally slew a shocker lizard, which sort of shut him up. Besides those two mishaps, the rest of the creatures were returned to the shop alive, except for one shocker lizard that escaped up a chimney.

The party dealt with several animated objects (chairs, doors and a hat rack), 2 cockatrices, 3 shocker lizards, a rust monster and entered the final room to find a flying silver snake-thing with a three clawed arm. This thing was obviously responsible for the mischief, but it didn’t strike the party as evil, merely lost and confused. It hadn’t taken up arms against the group, but a small brigade of animated objects protected it mindlessly.

The wizard hopes to make an ally of the owner, as he has interest in his own menagerie in the future. What better way to acquire a cockatrice of one’s own after all?


Enzist4 Algolei

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