Rick's Hold

May 29th

The party left the safety of Rosco’s place and departed into the depths of the caverns of the Underdark once more, following the trail of the the Drow raiding party. Soon after heading into the tunnels, they encountered a Drow patrol.

A long, frustrating battle ensued, where the party defended themselves against a Drow band comprised of Warriors and Wizards and led by a deadly humanoid-hunting Ranger.
Though many wounds were incurred, the group defeated the bad guys and won the day. They spent a brief moment bandaging their wounds before continuing on.

June 9
Drow, lizards, _spike growth_, Druid. House Aleval, House Zaniqos.

Around the next bend in the tunnels lurked even more drow. Hiding at the distant end of a cavern, with giant lizards were a second patrol of drow bad guys. Luckily spotted but unfortunately too slow to act, the cleric was unable to detect the bad guys in time to prevent a slight ambush.
When one of the lizards cast a spell, the group realized they were up against a druid or polymorphed wizard. Who could walk along the ceiling. Fun. Anyways, the caster placed a large section of floor under a spike stone spell, preventing the party from engaging their foes effectively. Despite this, Morgwais charged ‘heroically’ through the spikes. Upon reaching the other side, he engaged the group of drow on the floor, who immediately slew him. The paladin had air-walk cast upon him and he chased down the lizard-caster. The wizard as usual blew a fireball up the drows ass, accidentally singing Morgwais in the process. The airborne paladin caught up to the druid and slew him in one swing. The wizard cast a rainbow pattern, capturing all but one drow.
Nuati and Gil finished that drow off while the rogue, Rosco and the cleric feebly flailed away at the lone giant lizard, tat was actually a lizard, not a caster. With the rest of the enemies defeated, the wizard had the fascinated drow to walk past Rosco, who slit their throats as they passed.
Searching the caverns, the group discovered an alchemy lab in which was a journal, which Roscoe was able to read. In it was confirmed the origin of the poison used in the drow raid was a ore found nderground. The cleric was able to relate his personal knowledge, relating that the ore was considered cursed and poisonous to the dwarves and was to be avoided. Just being near the ore caused sickness, increasing in severity as length of exposure increased. Despite this knowledge, the party was unable to discern a cure.
Needing a cure to solve and complete their mission, the group plans on traveling to a nearby drow city, one Erelhei-Cin Lu to act sas merchants to purchase a cure. Rosco knows the way to the city and will once again act as guide. He also has a contact in the city, a family called Alleval, who are enemies of the raiding drow family, one Varracos family.
The paladins are unhappy with this plan but have not provided a better alternative so that’s the plan.

May 15th
Drow Drow Drow, POW!

The party returned to the Deep Halfling’s lair to rest again. Gil tied up the Rogue, as one does, with a 16.

May 8th

The group wandered further into the depths of the underdark, following their Drow guide, Nathfein. Discovering some frightening puddles, the Rogue became convinced that they must contain vast riches, if only some brave adventurer would risk their depths. This was untrue. After becoming enspelled to be able to breathe the water using Gill’s Amulet, the Rogue spent time strolling the bottom of the scary puddles, where he discovered: Nothing.

After this, they entered a large, empty-looking cavern, with a side tunnel with violet fungus in it. Wanting to investigate despite the wise counsel of the Bard, the Wizard moved forwards. After walking through part-way, the Wizard noticed a small band of Skum. Hoping to quickly dispatch them, he fired off a fireball, roasting one and toasting the other five.

As the group geared up to fight the smoking Skum, another threat loomed into sight: A Cloaker. It swept over the violet fungus, who moved to attack the Rogue and Wizard and also caused a few Shriekers to squeal. As the Cloaker joined the fight, it emitted some moans, disrupting the combat for the party. The violet fungus had a surprisingly long reach, whipping and poisoning the Wizard into quick unconsciousness, while the first of three Cloakers swooped in and engulfed the Rogue before anybody could say a peep about it. As the Cloaker flew off with his soon-to-be Halfling Snack, the Cleric rushed to his downed brother, beat off the monsters attacking him and healed him back to fighting form, or at least a form capable of casting spells — Fireball to be specific — right at the escaping Cloaker holding the Rogue.

THe Cloaker failed its save and roasted. The Rogue was free. He also failed his save and also roasted, which knocked him unconscious, which made him unable to arrest his fall from the now dead and burnt Cloaker, so he bumped a bit on his way down and was pissed off again when two rounds later the Paladin and Cleric reached his side and rained healing down upon him.

During this commotion, Nathfein attempted to escape. He left the sight of the group, but when the party went to find him, he had been fight a random lonely Halfling of the underdark — a Deep Halfling, or Deepling, if you will. He offered to allow the party the use of his cave to rest in.

The rogue, of course, went invisible and tried to raid their new ally’s cave of valuables but was eventually stopped and subdued.

At the end of the session, Gil tied up the Rogue with a Use Rope roll of 17.

April 9th
The weirdness that folks do when the Bard is away

The Wizard, Cleric, Paladin, and Rogue went into the Underdark with three of the Paladin’s warriors and one of the Halfling’s guys.

The Wizard and Rogue climbed a cliff in the Underdark (why the Wizard you ask? no Friggen clue). And they were ambushed by Darkmantles up top. Defeated them quick enough and then everyone climbed up using the Wizard’s slippers of spider climb (they would climb up and toss them down to the next guy). Then for some inexplicable reason the Cleric was last and decided he would just climb because he couldn’t fall and take damage because he had the ring of feather fall. So he tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and kept getting halfway up and falling back down. Eventually a monster appeared and attacked the Cleric at the bottom when they were separated.

It was a Destrachan, a sonic attacking lobster with a whole whack of HP. The monster used its non lethal attack as it dealt 6D6 non lethal damage to practically everyone since it’s an area of effect. Knocked out all the minor character easily and was whittling down the main guys when the Paladin decided “enough is enough” and jumped down the 30 foot cliff and charged at the monster. Took a round or two but after that the outcome was never in doubt.

Then shit got real. They explored around the cave system a bit and got ambushed again by Darkmantles, this time a dozen of them. Almost wiped them out. Killed the halfling’s follower and all but one of the Paladin’s warriors he brought along. After that they decided to return home.

During the last fight the Drow who was leading them through the Underdark used his faerie fire abilities to help them spot the Darkmantles in the darkness spells they kept using, so the Paladin for some reason decided they should arm the Drow so he could help in the future. The Wizard of course flipped out and kept taking the sword away from the Drow, and the situation turned into the Paladin giving the Drow a sword then the Dwarf taking it back and then the Paladin demanding his sword back and then giving it back to the Drow again once the Dwarf handed it back.

The Underdark echoed with their mumpsimus argument.

April 2nd 2018
Down de hole

Nuati intimidated, charm-ed, and Diplomatised the captured Drow, convincing him (Nath-Fein) to lead us into the Underdark to capture our target, Ist-Tsa the monitor lizard-riding Drow.

The party made their way down the hole, then travelled through the Underdark for three hours before encountering eight Derro. They suck. Darkness and sound bursts. Eventually they were defeated and their loot was gathered: 50,000 friggin’ copper pieces. Also, our Halfling Rogue was being held captive. The party rescued him and gave him back his bone dagger.

On the way back to the surface, the party encountered one Skum. Nuati cast Tasha’s hideous laughter but the Skum saved and ran off. The party avoided the route that the Skum took, and made their way back to the surface.

A hoist was required to lift Morgwais out of the hole.

February 4

The party finished their few days of paperwork and merchantry. Some new equipment was gathered and the Rogue used his new contact to sell Baron Percy’s Amulet that he and the Wizard had stolen a while back as well as get some new items for his thievery and magery. After selling most of the valuables and splitting the loot, the party readied to head off once more.

Before the group was actually ready to depart, they were called by a spell from their allies back home. Apparently shit has hit the fan back in Rick’s Hold. Something about Drow? (Seriously, the Basic Six are gone for a few days and everything falls apart. Again. Sheesh. Normally WE knock the fan shit up!)

So the party needs to return to their keep swiftly, and have been given help from the temple of Pelor to enlist the aid of huge giant eagles to fly the group home.

But nothing is ever free, except free stuff. So the group had to remove some vermin for the eagles who had been hiding in a hole in their eerie and been stealing their eggs.

Vermin turned out to be Gargoyles who, despite their best efforts, were decimated easily and quickly by the group, who were in no mood for further delays. Once victorious, the Six returned the stolen egg to the eagles and got a ride back to Rick’s Hold, a journey that only took two days as the giant eagle flies. Also the Wizard’s Dwarves left, despite having never even seen combat yet, while the Cleric has attracted the attention of three more Dwarven Warriors who he suited up and paid the eagles to fly back to Rick’s Hold as well with the party.

The eagles landed outside of the walls of Rick’s Hold, trying to avoid being attacked by the Humans who live in the area. They will wait in the woods until the party is ready to return to the coast and the Sea Wyvern.

January 31

The Basic Six did some paperwork, bought and sold stuff, and tried to sell two Dwarves into the sex trade. Gil managed to acquire a magical amulet of health. Nuati bought a ton of metal ingots. Halfling the Thief met a new friend. Dimitri learned about jousting. And the Dwarves lived happily never after, amen!

A new member of Gil’s army joined the group to act as his squire.

January 22

Still in the battle-torn and corpse strewn Vandertunt estate, the party moved through a few large rooms, searching for poor individuals in need of rescue from this carnage. Before long, the group ran into another blog of Bullywogs. These were accompanied by a moderately potent Bullywog Cleric, who ceaselessly burbled to his(her?) god and a Half-Orc Fighter.
Dimitri led the way, tearing into the Bullywogs, while their leader hid out of sight for a while. The Bullywogs didn’t put up much of a fight, and so some of the party swept into the room, even while it was still full of beasties. This allowed the Half-Orc to carve into the party at his whim, doing some notable damage to both Dimitri and the Cleric, who was surprised and not pleasantly so, by the strength of his enemy. Throughout tuhis, the Cleric did little but annoy people, and the group targeted him(her?) mercilessly. So the Bullywog Cleric was first to bite the dust, followed by most of the Bullywog Warriors. It took some more time, but before the battle became fatal for any of the Six, the party was able to subdue the Half-Orc into a surrender. And so Dimitri gleefully clapped manacles on his newest prisoner. The captive provided them with some info, mainly that there were more Bullywogs about (obviously), for sure some in the basement and they had a Rust Monster.

Mention of a Rust Monster turned the supposedly fearless Paladins into squeamish puddles of valiantly gutless scaredy-cats. So the Wizard, Bard, Cleric, and their newest allies who they had saved from the last blog of ’Wogs, led the group into the basement. They had shed all their metal equiment and were ready to fight a Rust Monster.

Nuati charmed the monster, but drew the attention of all the Bullywogs in the blog in the basement. They of course attacked the Bard on sight. The Rust Monster, despite being charmed, continued to mindlessly attempt to eat the forks and spoons stabbed into a prisoner while she hung suspended. The Bullywogs swarmed over and around the Bard, who became surrounded and called for help. Not the call to summon the metal-clad warriors hiding up the stairs, but to call the Wizard to send down a fireball., which the Wizard happily provided, singeing a few ’Wogs and crisping the rest.

While the rest of the not-well armoured group battled the Bullywogs who hadn’t burned up initially, Nuati skipped past the combatants and engaged the Rust Monster, not in a fight, but in a hug. Upon doing so, he realized that the monster had a leash, so he grabbed that instead. Once the Rust Monster was held, the Paladins were called down and they assisted in finishing off the blog and their much more powerful leader.

Despite his strength and accuracy, the grand Bullywog was unable to mortally wound any of the party before he was defeated, thankfully, though some dogs got killed pretty badly. Following the battle, the group freed the rest of the Jade Ravens and looted the bodies of the bad guys they had killed. They then spent a day resting up in town, Nuati identified some items and the group split some of the cool magical loot.

Gil got a belt of becoming really strong, which made Dimitri jealous. How Paladinly. And charitable. The Wizard got some slippers of wall-climbing — also neat. They began unloading their loot from the Sea Wyvern and sold most of the most mundane stuff they didn’t want— basic weapons, armor, and random junk they had acquired. But there remains more to be sold and a day of bureaucracy looms over the horizon once again!

January 15

The party arrived at the Vandertunt estate, but not before being attacked by acrobat-dancer fighter guys on stilts who didn’t put up too much of a fight and bumping into a drunken Dwarf who was rescued from further trouble by his companion, a Half-orc. Upon arriving at the estate they saw there was a battle they had missed, so the Basic Six continued into the building proper.

Inside, the chandelier was dropped onto the party and they were set upon by a blog of Bullywogs. Despite the aid of a falling light fixture, the Bullywogs would blog no more.

Also, the Rogue left the party in the streets before arriving at the estate. Nobody else knows why and he didn’t say anything to anyone except the Bard (the BARD knows!), so they will see him at a later date it appears.


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