Wizards Guild

(Cabal, Social, Multi-regional: Kingdom wide, Neutral)

The Wizard’s Guild is a far reaching organization which tries to control who does what magic in the Kingdom. They are responsible for the Sorcerer Ban, which has led to many sorcerers being rounded up and jailed by the Guild. The Guild manages all magic that is bought or sold, and while black markets do exist the punishment is severe.

The Guild runs offices in all major cities, and many larger towns, throughout the kingdom. They have no power to collect taxes from regular folk, but they often charge towns “In Defense of Civilization” fees to keep them safe from monsters and encroaching humanoid tribes. Whether the guild is actually keeping these places safe is a matter of debate.

Guild Offices sell potions and minor magic items, and they are the only businesses allowed to sell magical items. Magical weapons and armor are the exception, other business are allowed to trade in these, but again they must pay a percentage to the Guild (a “Magical Item Processing Fee”).

Anyone wishing to practice wizardry in the kingdom must register with the guild. Registration is at least 100gp, although it has been set higher depending on the city. The guild has ways to detect magical spell casting throughout the kingdom, and they typically search out violators to this rule (charging them the fee on the spot). Also, the. Guild requires all those who wish to advance as Wizards to wear/own some kind of totem or piece of identification. These items must be built over time, and each is unique to the wizard. There is a great deal of freedom allowed as long as the wizard keeps improving the item (usually by spending around 100gp per level when advancing) the guild will not usually bother with them.

The Guild also (some say randomly) collects dues from all its members. Typically anywhere from 50-250gp per level depending on the city you are in and the corruptness of the individual collecting the dues. This is doubled if the wizard does not have his totem, or has lost it.

Being a member of the guild does have benefits. For a price, usually not in gold pieces, you do have access to spells to learn. The guild houses contain large libraries with information on a wide range of subjects, and with wizards who’s job it is to assist other wizards in research. The guild offers laboratory access as well to most wizards, sometimes for a fee. Also, they can usually help find any kind of unusual materials such as Mithril (stolen from the elves) or Adamantine (stolen from the dwarves). Wizards have specific rights within the guild as well, such as the right to challenge another wizard over stolen property. The guild tries to keep conflicts between wizards as civil as possible. They do understand that occasionally wizards need to duel to settle their differences, and the loser of such a duel is usuallly allowed no recourse.

Non-human wizards are regarded within the guild as suspicious, although there is little outright hostility. They typically do not rise to any high level of power with in the guild, finding the way blocked by procedures and minor rules that they did not know existed and were not prepared for. Non-human wizards also typically end up paying more in dues and fees than human wizards, completely by coincidence of course.

Affiliation Points:
Wizard levels +1/2 per level
Casts level 3-4 spells +1
Casts level 5-6 spells +2
Casts level 7-8 spells +3
Casts 9th level spells +4
Has summoned a familiar +1
Performs missions for the guild +1 to +5
Donates magic item worth 10,000gp or more +2/10,000gp

Executive Powers: assassination, craft, pariah, raid, research, terrorize

11-21 +2 bonus to knowledge or spellcraft checks when researching new spells or magic items

21-30. Access to guild facilities for magic item creation for a price. Less likely to be randomly accosted for random guild dues

30+. Guildmaster Rank. Can borrow a magic item for 2d4 days. Free access to guild facilities.

Pay guild dues of 100gp per level (minimum once a month)
Maintain personal totem for identification

Wizards Guild

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