Rick's Hold

Population 15,000 (integrated human 80%)
Provincial Capitol
Market Class 2

Rick’s Hold is actually more of a city state than a city. Rick’s Hold refers to the area behind the Great Wall where the people of the area live. It includes the farmers and the herdsmen as well as the city of Rick’s Hold itself. The settlement is ruled by Duke Talen Rick, who’s castle is essentially the fortifications of the Old City. The main religion is the Church of St. Cuthbert, although most human religions maintain at least small temples in the city proper. The followers of Ehlonna maintain a small temple outside the city itself and the halfling church of Yondolla uses a central town hall building for simple ceremonies when the Halfling farmers need to find religion.

The city is racially mixed, mostly human. The second largest race living in Rick’s Hold is halfling as a large community of them keep most of the farms. The next largest block is the dwarves, who have always lived in this area. Most are descendants of the dwarves of Illfern, and many have begun to leave Rick’s Hold to go live in that reclaimed Kingdom.

The Magic User Guild maintains a large tower here. They operate a potion market in front of the building as well as offer access to labs and libraries for members. The Wizards generally keep to themselves but have assisted the militia in defence against humanoid raids in the past. It is rumoured that the guild maintains a portal to the main Guildhouse up north in the Capitol city.

There are many shops in town, some notable ones that the group has visited are Smith’s Armory, Garrick’s Jeweler, and The Oddities run by Richer the Oddities Merchant.

Rick's Hold

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