This is the elf city located in the Laughing Hollow, a valley in the mountains. The city is inside a crystal wall, with the Elf King’s Crystal Palace in the centre of the city. It is ruled by Melandrach, and his family. For a long time, this city has had no real relations with other people’s so the recent recolonization of Illfern has come as a little bit of a culture shock. There are some dwarves to be found now in the city and even, gasp, the occasional human.

The main religion here is dedicated to Labelas, the Elven God of time and longevity. The head cleric at the temple is a level 6 cleric and he has two level 3 adepts serving wth him.

There isn’t much of a market to speak of, but the city does have a smithy and a Jeweler (elves…). The smith is an expert 6 with a craft Metalsmithing bonus of +14 and the Jeweler is an expert 5 with appraise +13 and craft jewelry +13.

The city is under constant threat of attack, and as such maintains a larger than normal fighting force to defend it. They have about 250 part time militia members, as well as 25 town guards and a force of 85 “Rangers” (not all necessarily the class, but they call themselves Rangers) who patrol the woods and keep the more dangerous fey away (hey that rhymes!). There is also a small force of horsemen here, led by Melandrach’s daughter.

The elves have good relations with the dwarves and there is a rotating force of 50 elves from the militia who serve as guards at Illfern as the dwarves are still few in number and trying desperately to rebuild their once glorious realm.


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