Dwarven Deities and Churches

Moradin SoulForger (LG)
AoC: Dwarves, Forging and Metalwork
Domains: Earth, Good, Law, Protection
Favoured Weapon: Warhammer
Duties of Priesthood: Advance Dwarven society, oversee Dwarven ceremonies and royalty, maintain Dwarven genealogies and histories.

Berronor Truesilver (LG)
AoC: the Home, Healing, Truth
Domains: Knowledge, Healing, Protection, Law
Favoured Weapon: Heavy Mace
Duties of Priesthood: Maintain Dwarven settlements and infrastructure, enforce Dwarven laws, perform marriages.

Clangeddin Silverbeard (LG)
AoC: Combat, Battle, Strength
Domains: War, Destruction, Strength
Favoured Weapon: Battle Axe
Duties of Priesthood: Fight for Dwarven way of life, train constantly for war, never retreat from a battle with a Hill Giant.

Dumathoin (LN)
AoC: Secrets, Mining, Mountains
Domains: Earth, Knowldge, Protection
Favoured Weapon: Heavy Mace
Duties of Priesthood: Supervise mining operations, seek hidden treasures, oppose races of the Underdark.

Muamman Duathal (NG)
AoC: Expatriates, Dwarven Wanderers, Lightning
Domains: Travel, Luck, Good, Air
Favoured Weapon: Shortsword
Duties of Priesthood: Establish way-stations for travellers, maintain trails and paths, adventure and support adventurers.

Abbathor (NE)
AoC: Evil Dwarves, Treasure, Greed
Domains: Evil, Trickery, Earth
Favoured Weapon: Dagger
Duties of Priesthood: Amass treasure and sacrifice it to Abbathor, oppose the Church of Dumathoin, exploit other races.

Dwarven Deities and Churches

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