Deities and Churches - Humanity

Human Deities:

Boccob (N)
Areas of Concern (AoC): Magic, Knowledge, Sages
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
Clerical Responsibilities: Save all knowledge from destruction, collect books and any written knowledge, share the churches knowledge with those who need it, teach magic to those who are worthy of it.
Cults/Sects: There is a rumour of a secret sect of he church of Boccob that harbours sorcerers in violation of the law as well as creating magical items outside of the Guild of Magic users.

Ehlonna (NG)
AoC: Forests and woodlands, the seasons, animals
Domains: Animal, Plant, Good and Sun
Favoured Weapon: Longbow
Clerical Responsibilities: Protect the forests from any threat, teach others about the forest, protect those weaker than yourself especially animals who cannot defend themselves.
Cults/Sects: There is a militant cult of Ehlonna who live deep in the woods and act as defenders of the woodlands against all civilisation; they “cull” any and all woodmen who attempt to set up shop. This cult was more widespread until recently when they murdered an associate of the Crown Prince and the Prince launched a campaign to to eradicate them.

Erythnul (CE)
AoC: Slaughter, Pain, Torture
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War
Favoured Weapon: Morningstar
Clerical Responsibilities: Inflict pain on the innocent, force the church’s power onto those weaker than yourself, spill innocent blood a minimum of once per week.
Cults/Sects: There are many different cults of Erythnul, but one specific cult is the Cult of Alaxus which is dedicated to finding the Tomb of Alaxus, the Minotaur Mage who was a major worshipper of Erythnul 200 years ago. They constantly seek out any artifacts linked to the Minotaur Mage and are always trying to divine the location of the Tomb.

Fharlanghn (N)
AoC: Travellers, Roads, Bards, Song
Domains: Luck, Protection, Travel
Favoured Weapon: Rapier
Clerical Responsibilities: Never stay in one place for too long, explore and see the world, share your experiences with those who cannot experience them, learn as many languages as possible.
Cults/Sects: Few are known to exist; the church itself is very spread out, lacking a central authority. Most of the clergy operate roadside shrines in semi-settled lands for travellers to rest in peace and share their stories.

Heironeous (LG)
AoC: Justice, Valour, Chivalry, Honour, Knights, Nobility
Domains: Good, Law, War
Favoured Weapon: Longsword
Clerical Responsibilities: Uphold the Paladin Code of Honour, attain the noble rank of Knight as soon as possible, oppose the Cult of Hextor wherever possible.
Cults/Sects: The Justicars are considered a cult of Heironeous. They are a specialised military unit of the King’s Cavalry; most are trained Paladins or Clerics of Heironeous. They are usually stationed in the north of the kingdom around the King’s personal lands and in the capital city.

Hextor (LE)
AoC: War, Conflict, Destruction, Conquering the World of Man
Domains: Evil, Law, War
Favoured Weapon: Flail
Clerical Resonsibilities: Defeat the weak followers of Heironeous wherever possible, gain positions of power in armies and use that to conquer territory for Hextor, kill and torture Paladins wherever they can be found.
Cults/Sects: Despite being a lawful clergy, the followers of Hextor have difficulty maintaining cults as they constantly fight with each other to prove their personal value to Hextor. This leads to many being killed before they are able to launch full-on cults, and many attempted cults lead to blood being spilled. The only time the church of Hextor can seem to get together for even a short period is when a notable paladin pisses them off and they band together to bring him down.

Kord (CG)
AoC: Strength, Physical Prowess, Athletics, Archery
Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength
Favoured Weapon: Unarmed Strike
Clerical Responsibilities: Be as strong as possible, physical fitness, protect those too weak to protect themselves.
Cults/Sects: There are underground fighting and wrestling cults to Kord (similar to Fight Club) that operate in wealthy areas of the major cities of the Kingdom. Usually they are full of rich merchants who are looking for a thrill and have in the past led to inhuman contests of ‘beggar-hunting’ when left unchecked.

Nerull (NE)
AoC: Necromancy, Evil, Fear
Domains: Death, Evil, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Scythe
Clerical Responsibilities: Spread evil, kill as many people as possible, sacrifice elves as often as you can.
Cults/Sects: As with Erythnul, there are many different cults of Nerull, mostly operating in the larger cities in the north and tending towards grave robbing and minor evil doing in the grand scheme of things.

Obad-Hai (N)
AoC: Druids, Nature, Harmony, the Seasons
Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Favoured Weapon: Sickle
Clerical Responsibilities: Maintain the balance of nature against the forces of Good and Evil.
Cults/Sects: Unlike the church of Ehlonna, the clergy of Obad-Hai have never led a crusade against humanity. Any sects of Obad-Hai tend to establish schools and teach the importance of balance and taking care of nature. These schools vary from city to city, sometimes being small outdoor classrooms in small cities attended by farmers’ children and sometimes being huge multi-room buildings in major cities attended by the rich and powerful.

Olidammara (CN)
AoC: Thieves, Pranks, Luck, Revelry
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Dagger
Clerical Responsibilities: Be skillful, practice your skills (mostly stealing), collect treasure and live lavishly, never allow someone to cross you.
Cults/Sects: There are many different sects of Olidammara, many of them are really just thieves’ guilds in disguise. (Not a very good disguise for the most part.)

Pelor (NG)
AoC: The Sun, Light, Healing, Humanity
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Sun
Favoured Weapon: Heavy Mace
Clerical Responsibilities: Protect humanity from forces of evil, defeat the undead wherever you find them, heal the sick.
Cults/Sects: There are 2 different cults dedicated to the Sun God, the Champions of Light who are dedicated to the complete destruction of the undead, and the Shining Light Cult who are a xenophobic cult who believe Humanity will one day cover the entire world and eradicate every other race. The latter aren’t necessarily engaged in genocide, they just believe it’s eventually going to happen so they should save the knowledge and artifacts of the other races so future generations of humanity can remember them.

St. Cuthbert (LN)
AoC: Retribution, Law,
Domains: Destruction, Law, Protection, Strength
Favoured Weapon: Heavy Mace
Clerical Responsibilities: Uphold the law at all costs, bring all lawbreakers to justice.
Cults/Sects: There are few, if any, cults of St. Cuthbert. The entire church is strictly ordered and regulated. Everyone in the church is aware of their place in it and their duty to it.

Vecna (NE)
AoC: Secrets, Evil Magic
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Favoured Weapon: Dagger
Clerical Responsibilities: Hoard knowledge, create undead, remain hidden.
Cult/Sects: The entire church of Vecna is essentially one great big cult. led by whatever charismatic son-of-a-bitch is leading it at the time.

Wee Jas (LN)
AoC: Death, the Afterlife
Domains: Death, Law, Magic
Favoured Weapon: Dagger
Clerical Responsibilities: Prepare the dead for proper burial, defeat the undead as they defy the Afterlife, leave the dead alone (clerics of Wee Jas do not get access to Raise Dead or Resurrection spells).
Cults/Sects: There is an evil cult of Wee Jas which believes that every death increases the power of the deity, and thus members endeavour to bring especially large-scale disasters to fruition. They have been caught in the past planning major city-wide fires and poisoning whole farming villages in order to bring large groups of sentient beings to their deaths.

Deities and Churches - Humanity

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