Rick's Hold

June 21 session

Hung around for 2 days making scrolls, earning some astrology money and watching the armorer work. The Paladin’s Magic Dwarven armor arrived and he was very happy. The group received a invitation from the temple of Pelor for a dinner which they accepted. Father Posen spent time asking about the groups adventures and what monsters and undead they’ve fought. He told them about when he was an adventurer and him and his companions destroyed a vampire. He then told the group he came into possession of a map and journal notes leading to an item called the Fiend’s Embrace, an evil cloak created by a devil. He offered the group market price for the cloak, which he identified as 26,000gp which the group accepted.

He gave the group the map of the Cold Marshes which identified several sites of interest in the marshes along with a copy of the journals notes.

The group travelled to the southern Baron’s keep, then some of them travelled back to the city to resupply and buy silver arrows. While at the southern keep they met the Baron and agreed to deliver a scroll tube to the Blue lizard tribe if they encountered them. The group then travelled into the swamp and encountered a group of lizard folk with 2 mega raptors who ambushed the group.

June 14 session, Defeating the Black Hand Guild

The group found out from the guard who switched sides where Bron’s quarters were and prepared to fight. They fought his guards, a Half-Oc Barbarian with a magic Scimitar, a Cleric of Nerull with a bag of tricks, 2 Wererats and eventually Bron joined the fight. All the guards were killed and Bron was captured alive.

The group discovered that there were riots and battles in the streets while they were underground. A rival guild had attacked Bron’s guild operations while the group was underground attacking his base. Limjax and Dimitri joined the city guards and cleared out the remainder of the Black Hand Guild base of operations.

Sal (the man who originally made a “deal” with Nuati to get the Guildmaster Ring from Bron), tried to meet with Nuati a couple times and eventually had to meet up with him the next day. Nuati gave him the Guildmaster Ring in exchange for a future favor, which Nuati realized on his Sense Motive Check that Sal has no intention of honouring. (Nuati only succeeded on his Sense Motive Check because he was wearing the Guildmaster Ring at the time, which gave him a +6 bonus — otherwise he would have failed.)

Nuati also met up with Cleveland and made an arrangement to hire him for jobs in the future. (Hey! That’s a secret! Nobody in the group was supposed to know about that!)

DM note: that’s player knowledge, your characters are unaware of Nuati’s arrangement.

Deranger and Limjax gained enough XP to advance in level. Deranger will need to gain his level at the next session.

Killing What's-his-name

When last we met, we had just battled the wizard and his apprentice, and having defeated them were taking a moment to recover ourselves before deciding what to do next. Limjax, fearing the wizard might be playing dead, has cut off both his enemy’s hands and placed them inside the party’s bag of holding.

Against the House of Bron

Session from May 31, Kevin was not present DM controlled his character.

Accepted mission from shadowy man who wanted Bron’s Guildmaster Ring to find and kill Bron. Shadowy man arranged for his spell caster to cast Water Breathing on the party and sent them down to the lair under the docks of the Thieves Guild. Encountered the guards, a Sea Hag and her Merrow guards. Limjax died from the Hag’s Evil Eye. After defeating the guards, the group returned to the surface as they were depleted.

Raised Limjax from the dead at the temple of St. Cuthbert. Used his money. Slept overnight and ended the session after some character shopping.

Session from June 7, everyone present.

Went back down to the lair under the docks. Remembered that the Dwarven cleric could cast Water Breathing so the group didn’t have to find the spell caster again. Entered the dungeon, found that the entrance door magically held the water back. Defeated a couple guards in the first room, capturing and turning one of them to their service. Got information about where ever clerics were and went to their temple, defeating another guard room on the way.

Fought the cleric of Nerull and defeated him, mostly with a Fireball spell. Discovered ghouls in a cage in the clerics room, the ghouls had been modified with longer claws and teeth. Briefly debated which way to go to get to Bron, and decided to kill the Wizards in the dungeon on the way. Wizard turned out to be Kelthas the Dread, who they met in Illfern in a previous adventure. Long battle, with both sides using Fireball spells and eventually defeated Kelthas and his apprentice, killing them both.

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