Tesoren Mes

Cleric of St. Cuthbert in Rick's Hold


Wears breastplate most of the time, but for special ceremonies he dons a suit of obviously magical Plate Mail. Is adorned with a tabard with the churches coat of arms and wears an amulet. Has raised Limjax from the dead.


Lives in the temple of St. Cuthbert in Rick’s Hold. According to the grapevine he moved here 15 years ago, and was a personal friend of Duke Talon Rick. When the Duke was given his title and granted this territory he accepted the job of head cleric of the church. He prefers not to let his underlings deal with adventurers, and let’s them tend to the “normal folk” while he deals with the adventurers. He sits on the Duke’s council and holds the Rank of Count under the King’s Law.

Was not present during the attack on the city council, as he was in temple dealing with a group of adventurers in need of healing. Has taken responsibility for guarding the gaping hole to the underdark as he feels he failed the council by not being present.

Tesoren Mes

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