Richer the Oddities Merchant

Purveyor of The Weird and Unusual


Expert 8
Hp 25
very old age, large fat man, sweats a lot usually has several flies buzzing around him that don’t seem to bother him.

Always sits in his comfy chair in the corner of his shop. His son (Albert) runs the shop and interacts with customers. Richer sets the prices for buying from customers and only speaks to Albert.

Expert 4
Hp 15

Tall and lanky, with spectacles. Never makes a decision without his father’s permission. Takes a few moments before answering any questions as he considers his answer carefully.


Father (Richer) and Son (Albert) run the Antique and Oddities shop in Rick’s Hold. The shop is rumoured to house many valuable and rare objects and magical items. Although no one has ever successfully stolen from them that anyone is aware of.

Richer the Oddities Merchant

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