Posen Elon

Head of the Church of Pelor in Rick's Hold


Short, fat man. Always cheerful. Rises early with the sun and always greets the sunrise in the church’s bell tower by ringing the bell. Usually wears clerical vestments, occasionally wears a suit of chain mail to functions. Regardless of armour worn, he always has his silver heavy mace at his side.


Been running the church of Pelor in this city for almost 20 years, he was here before the current Duke took the title. He was an adventurer in his younger days, and tells stories about his exploits clearing out goblin tribes in the north part of the kingdom. He is far removed from those days however and is not a physically intimidating person. Has no permanent place on the Duke’s council, but his presence is requested when there are undead threats present as he has a wealth of knowledge and is something of an expert on the subject.

Was present during the attack on the town council. Had been knocked unconscious fighting but was saved by Moira when she dimension doored away from the battle.

Posen Elon

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