Human Barbarian 4
Hp 42 (50)
Str 18 Dex 14 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 12(5) Cha 8

Skill: Climb +5, Craft Capentry +7, Jump +13, Knowledge Nature +3, Survival +4 Swim +10

Feats: Athletic, Power Attack, Weapon Focus Greatsword

Abilities: Fast Movement, Illiterate, Trap Sense +1, Uncanny dodge, Rage 2/day

Possessions: MW Studded Leather Armor, healer’s kit, homemade rope (100ft)


Krudin has lived in the Cold Marshes for the last 20 years. He used to live with the wizard Zarlag when he was around and helped out with small jobs and defending the Wizards hut. Since Zarlag left and has never returned (he has since died as it turns out) Krudin has taken up residence in the Wizards hut. Until very recently he was in possession of a cursed Greatsword he found on the edge of the Lost Army while exploring. The sword reduced his wisdom to 5, and he is still recovering.

Krudin is extremely familiar with the Cold Marshes. He is able to take a 10 on Survival checks to avoid getting lost and to get along in the wild. He also avoids most named areas in the marshes as he has learned they are usually deadly places to aviod.

As a show of gratitude to the group he has offered to join and return half of the platinum the paladin gave him originally to join.


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