Rick's Hold

October 9th

Percy Keep

Marquis Percy sold out the Basic Six to the third Hag.

The dinner commenced innocently enough. Although Percy seemed especially inquisitive regarding Gorin’s beliefs, the Dwarven Cleric was rather succinct in his descriptions and quickly drew his questioning to a close. This raised his suspicions slightly, as nobody ever really takes note of the Cleric, especially over his brother (“the Loud One”).

The dinner continued, with sumptuous delights served. However, when the Baron’s assistant of some kind came and whispered in his ear, he sent out two of his only retainers from the room, leaving him mostly alone with the Six. This immediately raised the Wizard’s metagamey hackles, and he jumped up, banged his fists on the table and generally made a scene, demanding what was going on, claiming somebody was in disguise, possibly another Rakshasa. Percy assured the group that nothing was amiss, though he did need to depart for a moment (leaving the Six alone in the room).

The Wizard then, having decided the Six had been set up, threatened the Baron should he leave the room. At this point, the jig being up in somebody’s mind, somebody transformed into somebody’s true form, (not a Rakshasa, but still) which was the third and final Hag of the coven the Basic Six had broken, and capturing and then destroying their Hag’s Eye. The doors opened and a few mercenaries descended upon the group to boot.

The battle was swift and harsh, the Wizard blasting away with fireballs, while the paladins laid about with their swords and Nuati shot some bad guys too. Though the Basic Six took some blows and several members got to be up close and uncomfortably personal with the Hag, they soon turned the tide of battle, ending with their ultimate victory. After defeating the big bad guy, most of the mercenaries surrendered, and one of them being a female Halfling, the Rogue of course wants to “hire” her. Nuati temporarily hired the female human, then later made secret arrangements for her to await further employment in Rick’s Hold.

They found the treacherous Baron Percy in a room nearby, who seemed relatively uninterested in the groups’ survival. When threatened and questioned, the Baron responded it was simple business, and he then paid the group double what he was paid to betray them originally. Despite this, the Wizard and Rogue were very upset at the betrayal and took it personally. This led them on a short stealing spree through the Baron’s mansion. They took a couple thousand in random valuables, however the end of the spree culminated in the Rogue, having been made invisible by the wizard and vice versa, stealing the necklace of the Baron right off his throat. (They took it, believing it to be the amulet keyed to the stone golem guardian guarding the Baron’s greater wealth. It wasn’t . But it was still valuable and can be used as a form of signet for impersonating the Baron, so not bad.)

Afterwards, the group headed to the tavern and rented rooms. The Paladins then rode up to the castle and challenged them to send out their best knights for non-lethal combat. Gil unhorsed his opponent with blunted lances, and Krotchlikmieoff defeated his in man-to-man combat, unarmoured, with a training sword. Afterwards they invited the opposing knights back to the tavern for revelry, gift-giving, and general camaraderie.

Taking the gold (and random stolen goods), the Basic Six then left heading for the next town, hopefully less betrayal-y than the last.


Enzist4 Algolei

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