Rick's Hold

October 2nd


Because sometimes, you just gotta do the paperwork.

The group managed to do a few minor things, preparing for their next adventure. Lady Vandertunt figured out where her brother went, so the party is planning a trip to Treinz to investigate. Along the way they were hoping to buy and sell some trade goods, but that’s turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. Nuati gave it a try, but all he manage to do was buy 20 light warhorses for the keep’s men-at-arms. There was also the talk of firewood, and a lot of goats if they would just wait another week, but they decided to just go to Treinz without trade goods.

In the hopes of finding trade goods along the way, the Thief Rogue Thief Halfling decided to bring one of his ships along for the trip. Luckily the river runs right next to the road. The Dwarfs volunteered some of their Dwarf-at-arms to help guard it. Nuati was hesitant to ask his Elves to go, because…well, they’re a little spastic and highly breakable.

And so the party set out, arriving at Percy Keep by the end of the first day and asking for lodgings there. The adventure will pick up next time, at dinner!


Enzist4 Algolei

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