Rick's Hold

May 20

After the party returned to their home at their keep in Rick’s Hold, they revived their fallen comrades and rested. However, it was not a time of sadness at all, no. In fact quite the opposite. Well, maybe a little sadness. Okay fine, a lot of sadness! But at the keep it was also time for the monthly festival. And even more exciting, along with the festival comes the time of taxes, upkeep and wages! Yes. Whee indeed.

In addition, the trading expedition that had been sent to seek various items and sundry from the elves had returned. Great joy was had by those involved in counting their purchases.

The great day of bureaucracy continued with various shopping done, selling the parts of the felled dragon (the one who crisped Gil), and dividing up the loot from the dungeon (so far!).
Officials from the wizards guild, however, trumped all that with their arrival whereupon they demanded fees for earned experience and rank within the guild (out of which the rogue partially sneaked his heathen way). In addition, they concocted a method to extract funds from the keep for the fabrication of magical wares on our land. The bard Nuati was clever, talking them down from 300 gp per month to a more workable 100 gp per month and formalisation of the agreement with a written contract which included rights to create any magic items not only within our own building, but anywhere upon our own lands. The party now plans to manipulate this to our benefit by building a section of homes and housing units surrounding a laboratory for wizards to come and rent/use for a small monthly fee (less than what the guild charges to make items or use their equipment). Hopefully this new income will offset the fees of the guild, or maybe even turn a profit! Perhaps the bard’s recent experience being dead has compelled him to seek more earthly rewards now that he is once more amongst the living?

Regardless, the paperwork continued as a head count was made of the keep and surrounding farmlands (and a small family of farmers was discovered to be in fact elves! who knew? the bard knew!) and a great feast was held because Dimitri the paladin really wanted a big meal with everybody around him as a group (he had just died and been raised for the first time, so was still reeling from the experience).


Enzist4 Algolei

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