Rick's Hold

May 15

Knowing there was nothing left in the dungeon that they were aware of besides the wasps they had bypassed earlier, the party decided it was high time to do those flying pests in. They sauntered through the areas of the dungeon they had previously cleared, once again gaining confidence while walking through their fields of victory of the previous evening.
Upon reaching the wasp’s domain, the group readied themselves for a fight they believed won in all but action. However, as usual, they quickly found themselves in trouble. While they attempted to bottleneck the oncoming wasps in the tunnel, keeping them contained and easily beaten, the flying bastards flew over the blockade and immediately surrounded Nuati, who had moved forward in what had presumed safety.
Though they were simple insects, the warrior wasps proved quite capable in their duties, swarming individual members of the party, cutting them off and delivering deadly stings, injecting poison every time into the wounds of their victims. Cut off from the rest of the group so swiftly, Nuati fell swiftly to the wasps deadly advances. The remaining paladin followed suite when the wasps that had engaged the bard moved on to fresh prey. Though Dimitri did his best, downing as many bugs as he could before falling, fall he did, leaving the rest of the party to finish the job.
Though the fight looked grim by this point, but the rest of the party held on and kept fighting to the last. The next target was the rogue, who was fairly wounded already and didn’t take long before he fell as well, though luckily not to his death, as he was stabilized before any more fatalities could transpire. Finally the wasp swarm was stopped before it could finish off the last remaining members, the wizards and cleric.
Gathering the wounded and the corpses, the very diminished group headed back out of the dungeon and then to their keep, rather depressed, disheartened and shamed.


Enzist4 Vampyrefish

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