Rick's Hold

July 24

Upon entering the wizards guild anew, the party ran into a Xill guard pretty quickly. Also pretty quickly they took them down. This ease was probably because Sigifrid cast see invisibility and saw approaching Xill hiding in the ethereal plane. So, seeing the enemy sneaking up, the party was able to defeat their attempt at an ambush rather handily.

Following the attack with the Xill, the party ran afoul of a Barghest — multiple Barghest actually. Two of them. Greater Barghests. (They’re Grrrreat!)

Anyways, they were also defeated summarily, though this combat proved to be slightly more challenging. Despite the fury of the extraplanar creatures and all of their abilities and spells and tricks, the group won out and nobody died. This time. So far.


Enzist4 Vampyrefish

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