Rick's Hold

August 24

The party readied for their upcoming assault upon the Aboleth and co. However, Nuati went over the number of monsters in the basement awaiting them — 26 Skum, a Chuul, and an Aboleth would have been overwhelming if they had converged upon the party all at once — and decided perhaps they could use a bit more help. So they packed up and returned to their keep for the night and got who else but Gigglecloud? (They also picked up Elatoris.). The group re-readied for the battle, preparing spells and rethinking their plan of attack. They had Thomas assist them in getting downstairs. If they could manage to split the monsters into three separate groups, the party could split into two groups and take them on more easily.

Thomas dimesion doored himself, the Wizard, Dimitri and the Cleric (“party group one”) directly into the Aboleth’s chamber following an extensive few minutes of preparations and protective and assistive spells being cast upon all sorts of members of the party.

The Cleric, invisible at this point, moved immediately to the water’s edge and cast his most powerful spell prepared that day and magically removed all the water from the room, leaving a tossing Aboleth surprised and angry in the middle of the now-empty room. Well, empty except for the Aboleth, its Chuul companion, and several Skum (“monster group one”).

The Skum were sitting peacefully, unexpecting of both the sudden entrance of the small party and the even more unexpected sudden drainage of their current abode, when the Wizard flew up (he had cast fly on himself in preparation) above the small horde and threw a fireball directly into their midst, frying all the Skum and singeing both the other beasties in the room.

Not to be outdone, the Paladin then stomped up to the Aboleth, drew back his sword and slew the Aboleth in one slash. Even he was surprised. (He was magically strengthened and his blade magically sharpened by his allies and the Wizard’s fireball had injured it first, but still!)

While that was all happening the rest of the party (“party group two”) was not idle, they instead having dropped down the chute in the centre of the guild to the basement while holding a magically silenced stone, to prevent a group of Skum (“monster group two”) from noticing their arrival. The silence worked like a charm as the Rogue slipped into the hall, stepped behind a monster and slew him in a most sneaky fashion. (The rogue did try to cast a fireball before entering the hallway, forgetting that the effects of silence worked on him too). Following the Rogue’s example, the remaining members of the party piled into the hall and began slaughtering the unsuspecting Skum. Only Elatoris was injured in the battle, but his spell of false life saved him from taking more than a mighty one point of damage!

While their friends prevented aid from coming, the Wizard and Paladin continued to kill the chamber’s remaining occupants, while the Cleric swooped down to claim an Aboleth egg. Seeing him grab them so quickly, Thomas decided to take the other two eggs before escaping via another dimension door.

Having cleared the room, the Wizard flew over and past all his allies, seeking a room with another dozen unsuspecting Skum (“monster group three”). Upon finding it, he cast another fireball, immolating the entire band. The party then looted what they could and returned to Thomas and Moira upstairs.

They sold their single Aboleth egg to Thomas, along with the other loot the Dwarves had taken from the guild earlier, in a small (very small) effort to regain a bit of Thomas’ trust after reading his mind. The party returned to the marquis to inform him that the task was complete. He wouldn’t see them, sending instead an underling who paid them for their efforts. Then everybody went home for ice cream.


Enzist4 Algolei

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