Rick's Hold

August 16


The group prepared for their upcoming attack upon the Aboleth. Rumblebelly bought a warehouse. Nuati bought potions. The Wizard provided everybody with a platinum ring worth 50gp. Except Morgwais. He has to wait a week still for his. Because he’s a horse. (This is so the Cleric can cast shield other on them if needed).

The Thief stirred up some trouble with the teamsters guild, led by some thug named Argus. Eventually though he got the help of the Wizard to work around the guild’s impositions and limitations.

The party researched all they could about Aboleth and then ventured into the Wizards guild again. Moira and Thomas had reclaimed the top two levels of the guild, now that the monsters had been forcibly removed and placed the Shield Guardian to guard the stairs to the basement.

The party then went to the scrying chamber to scout the lower levels out with an arcane eye cast by the Wizard. Using the spell, the party learned of the Aboleth’s location and that there were 26 Skum and a creature called a Chuul that looks like a giant lobster with tentacles guarding the Aboleth.

The Aboleth has a tunnel into deeper water to escape with, which the party is wary of. They intend to seal off the exit with the Cleric’s stone shape spell so it can’t get away. Hopefully nobody will die in the ensuing combat. (Yeah, right.)


Enzist4 Algolei

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