Rick's Hold

August 10

Dead, dead, dead

The group rested for eight hours in the chamber that had been claimed by the Rakshasa with the Rogue and Paladins keeping watch. After the group readied its spells, they headed back into the wizards guild, searching room by room, clearing out monsters and looting rooms.

At some point, the Wizard stuffed a decanter away without anyone but his brother noticing. He later had it identified by Nuati in exchange for a magical harp the brothers had taken for themselves earlier.

After a brief scuffle with a band of relatively wealthy grimlocks, the party stumbled into the grey render they had known was there but had inconveniently forgotten about (the Bard knew! but the map was upside-down). While they struggled against the render by itself, the party soon found itself under duress when a duo of zombie ogres and an invisible Drow Sorceress joined the fray.

Dimitri blew his horn of Valhalla, calling on several barbarians to assist. Despite their aid, the battle was rough on the party, as the Cleric was beaten to death, Gil perished once again and Sigifried bit the dust as well. The battle was lengthened by the Evard’s black tentacles left in the wake of the Drow Sorceress even in her demise, which continued to plague the party for some time.

Afterwards, they looted the bodies and nearby rooms before gathering their fallen comrades and retreating yet again to heal and resurrect, etc. Some levelling occurred as well.


Enzist4 Algolei

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