Rick's Hold

April 3

The party looked into the territory of wild dire boars, gathered some supplies (all the nets in town!) and taking Takahiro to lead them, the group went boar hunting. After only 4 hours of travel, they found tracks, and not two hours later they had discovered a small herd of big pigs. After a brief discussion, the party cast several spells, rendering most of the group invisible and silent. These members then slowly moved towards to boars, while remaining grouped together so as to not lose touch with each other. The first attempt to charm one of the monstrous hogs failed miserably, only serving to gain the attention and anger of the wild boars.

The ridiculous combat only got worse from there. The party attempted to use non-lethal force at first, as their goal was to capture, not kill. Luckily, one of the few partially successful manoeuvres was a web spell that caught 3 of the 4 boars, although this hampered the paladin’s ability to charge. The rest of the party then tried to knock the behemoths unconscious. Unfortunately, this resulted in multiple failures to do anything useful, while the boars had no such problems and gored up all comers as best they could. Dimitri summoned his rhino in order to slow the boar’s advance, but only a few rounds later had to send it away as two boars tore into the poor pointy pig.

Soon resorting to lethal levels of violence to prevent further disaster, the group finally started to turn the fight around and began soundly defeating the boars. Only one of the four boars was accidentally killed, the other 3 ‘safely’ rendered unconscious. Dimitri, Elatoris and Takahiro returned to the keep to enlist aid in dragging 8000 lbs of pork back home.

While they were away, the rest of the party remained with the boars to guard their captives. During the night, a large unidentified creature approached from the cover of darkness. Hearing the thing coming, the party readied spells and waited. Upon seeing a large bear wander into the camp area, probably having been attracted by the smell of carrion, the wizard loosed his fireball directly at the beast. However, the wizard immediately realised his error, recognising the bear as not just a bear, but a werebear. Knowing werebears to be creatures of outstanding goodness, but often dangerous under a curse’s sway, Sarror passed on instructions to try to defeat the invader without killing it. After a brief scuffle, the werebear was defeated. The group tied it up and waited for morning. The army Dimitri brought from the keep arrived and escorted the 3 unconscious boars, one dead boar and the trussed up werebear back to their home base. On the way, the werebear returned to human form, and turned out to be none other than Vitaliy, the smith from the keep! He was completely unaware of his condition, but asked for his curse to be removed if at all possible. After a brief stint of research, the group prepared for a night of fun. Laying several spells onto the smith to aid the curse removal, they waited for the full moon to emerge, once again forcing a lycanthropic transformation. With the assistance of the group, Vitaliy was able to throw off the clutches of the curse of lycanthropy that had ailed him.

Aralo immediately began training a boar to ‘heel’, to increase safety. As captured wild animals do not make good ‘pets’, the group intends to breed and raise their own boars. Unfortunately, the 3 boars they captured all all male. Also, the problem of penning them arose; dire boars are massively strong, and the group is unsure if the bars of their dungeon will hold them.

The dead boar was cut and dressed, resulting in a vast quantity of meat. Dimitri took a bunch and went out among the farming families that fall under his knightly jurisdiction to hand it out as gifts. Irwin will also begin training a boar to ‘heel’, once he has finished a trick with the rust monster.


Enzist4 Algolei

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