Rick's Hold

April 24

After resting up and recovering from their wounds and burns, and also after putting a gentle repose spell on Gil so he wouldn’t smell worse than usual while the rest of the party continued to explore the dungeon, the group waited once more while the wizard attempted to scout out the dungeon using his arcane eye spell. Passing through what he’d already inspected, Sarror eventually discovered a giant spider, who the group decided was the more immediate threat (over a group of ghoul-looking things deeper into the dungeon), and headed off to eliminate it.

After watching the remaining paladin and the cleric struggling to open a lowered portcullis, the rogue decided not to mention the existence of a lever that would open said portcullis, instead looking ahead alone and running into a giant spider, who, despite the rogue’s spells of invisibility and attempts to move silently, detected his invasion of its privacy and attacked in wrongteous rage.

Eventually the rogue had assistance, as the wizard cast a spell of gaseous form on the paladin to allow him to pass through the bars in seconds, reforming on the other side and charging the eight legged beastie.

With the paladin’s assistance, the spider was quickly downed and the rest of the party soon joined them on the other side of the now raised portcullis. The rogue discovered a secret passage, and attempting to explore it without his companions, so of course he ran into a second giant spider.

However, with the group not far behind, the rogue soon had help and the second arachnid was soon vanquished soonly. After searching the room further, only finding a passage filled with webs same as the secret passage the rogue discovered, the group decided to check out the tunnel.

Then we all went for ice cream….


Enzist4 Algolei

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