Rick's Hold

April 17

A quick investigation revealed that there was a nearby creature in a nearby room nearby, but the party didn’t immediately break into the nearby room. Instead, as the wizard cast arcane eye to initially inspect the contents of the dungeon, without attempting to risk bodily harm of any party members.

The rogue eventually convinced a couple other group members to wander in other directions as he had become bored of waiting for relayed information that may actually save peoples lives or not and wanted to look for treasure. The wizard passed a giant wasp painfully and went through a few passages further before finding a nasty surprise behind a deceptively small doorway: a red dragon named ‘Azzoror’! As the spell only sent images, the wizard couldn’t hear the beast when it spoke, but realized the dragon could see the invisible floating eye. Retreating quickly with his eye, he warned the rest of the party of the nearby danger not much further in nearby, but when he looked back in on the red scaled horror, it was nowhere to be seen. He warned the rest of the group to ready for a dragon to show up, calling for the wandering rogue et al to quickly return.

Luckily the wandering band returned before the dragon showed up, but the fight was devastating regardless. The dragon opened up with a brutal blast of fire, roasting several party members, but only ‘warming up’ the paladins. Gil was warmed a bit too much and, upon his subsequent charge into the dragon, was pierced to ribbons by its big sharp nasty teeth and crumpled in a heap, never to rise again unless maybe later.

The rest of the party laid into the dragon, forcing it to take to the air. Not to be outdone, the cleric cast an air walk spell on the remaining paladin, who began to slowly chase the dragon at great speed.

The giant little red lizard dragon guy began to run out of the room flyingly, so the group warned the dwarves outside to shut the door before he could escape. Luckily the dragon had just loosed a second fire blast on the group inside before exiting, so had no deadly breath for the horses, guards, people, and Brody. The paladin continued to chase the dragon through the air, and the dragon decided to turn around to fight the pesky bastard. As the rest of the group continued to assault the flying beast, the paladin finally caught up to the monster, though below it.

This not being issue for him, the paladin just stabbed upwards, both fortunately and unfortunately slaying the creature. Fortunately for the group, the dragon was defeated and could do more harm to them. Unfortunately for the paladin, the dragon, having been above him when slain, fell down on him. With some quick manoeuvring, Dimitri was able to avoid the worst of harm from the tumbling behemoth, and after recovering from the worst scars and burns, the party raided the dragons hoard. All gold except for the gems and shit. They then decided to rest, as they had drained a great amount of resources and energy in defeating the dragon. Not to mention Gil was dead.


Enzist4 Algolei

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