Rick's Hold

April 10

The party eventually got bored at the keep again what with all the STUFF they were doing, and so departed, heading for the location discovered by the cleric in the ancient Dwarven journal. The trip was plotted to be seven days in each direction. Most of the trip was rather pleasant and relatively uneventful. They even spent an evening with a neighbouring baron, where they enjoyed dinner and impolite conversation about the baron’s “many wives” (an invention of the bard’s story-telling skills).

The picnic was ruined by some rude displacer beasts which, after a quick scuffle, were defeated quite soundly. They were probably skinned and maybe even eaten a little. Who remembers these things? The bard remembers!

The rest of the trip was passed rather quickly from there, and the party reaching their destination. The location did indeed turn out to be a dwarven stronghold, and one of Gnarldan Steelshield to boot. The exterior of the dungeon was very impressive, with massive dwarven busts (HAHA, “busts!”) carved into either side of the worked stone entrance. There was also a broken statue of a female Dwarven warrior, and one of her boobies was still intact. The dwarves were unable to make it fit into their magical haversack….

Upon entering the dungeon, the group was immediately accosted by a swarm (a small swarm) of stirges. The bard swiftly and smartly lulled them to sleepiness with a lullaby, expecting the wizard to follow it up with a sleep spell, to which they would now be especially susceptible. The wizard however, obliviously blasted into the combat with magic missiles, destroying only one stirge at a time and allowing the thief to lose nearly all of his constitution and therefore nearly wither away and die.

Following the ‘fight’, the group regrouped and began to set up camp. Except then they decided not to, because that would be bad. Instead, they decided to investigate the area around the first room to determine if it would be safe to set up a camp inside for the horses.


Enzist4 Algolei

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