Rick's Hold

February 4

The party finished their few days of paperwork and merchantry. Some new equipment was gathered and the Rogue used his new contact to sell Baron Percy’s Amulet that he and the Wizard had stolen a while back as well as get some new items for his thievery and magery. After selling most of the valuables and splitting the loot, the party readied to head off once more.

Before the group was actually ready to depart, they were called by a spell from their allies back home. Apparently shit has hit the fan back in Rick’s Hold. Something about Drow? (Seriously, the Basic Six are gone for a few days and everything falls apart. Again. Sheesh. Normally WE knock the fan shit up!)

So the party needs to return to their keep swiftly, and have been given help from the temple of Pelor to enlist the aid of huge giant eagles to fly the group home.

But nothing is ever free, extra free stuff. So the group had to remove some vermin for the eagles who had been hiding in a hole in their eerie and been stealing their eggs.

Vermin turned out to be Gargoyles who, despite their best efforts, were decimated easily and quickly by the group, who were in no mood for further delays. Once victorious, the Six returned the stolen egg to the eagles and got a ride back to Rick’s Hold, a journey that only took two days as the giant eagle flies. Also the Wizard’s Dwarves left, despite having never even seen combat yet, while the Cleric has attracted the attention of three more Dwarven Warriors who he suited up and paid the eagles to fly back to Rick’s Hold as well with the party.

The eagles landed outside of the walls of Rick’s Hold, trying to avoid being attacked by the Humans who live in the area. They will wait in the woods until the party is ready to return to the coast and the Sea Wyvern.

January 31

The Basic Six did some paperwork, bought and sold stuff, and tried to sell two Dwarves into the sex trade. Gil managed to acquire a magical amulet of health. Nuati bought a ton of metal ingots. Halfling the Thief met a new friend. Dimitri learned about jousting. And the Dwarves lived happily never after, amen!

A new member of Gil’s army joined the group to act as his squire.

January 22

Still in the battle-torn and corpse strewn Vandertunt estate, the party moved through a few large rooms, searching for poor individuals in need of rescue from this carnage. Before long, the group ran into another blog of Bullywogs. These were accompanied by a moderately potent Bullywog Cleric, who ceaselessly burbled to his(her?) god and a Half-Orc Fighter.
Dimitri led the way, tearing into the Bullywogs, while their leader hid out of sight for a while. The Bullywogs didn’t put up much of a fight, and so some of the party swept into the room, even while it was still full of beasties. This allowed the Half-Orc to carve into the party at his whim, doing some notable damage to both Dimitri and the Cleric, who was surprised and not pleasantly so, by the strength of his enemy. Throughout this, the Cleric did little but annoy people, and the group targeted him(her?) mercilessly. So the Bullywog Cleric was first to bite the dust, followed by most of the Bullywog Warriors. It took some more time, but before the battle became fatal for any of the Six, the party was able to subdue the Half-Orc into a surrender. And so Dimitri gleefully clapped manacles on his newest prisoner. The captive provided them with some info, mainly that there were more Bullywogs about (obviously), for sure some in the basement and they had a Rust Monster.

Mention of a Rust Monster turned the supposedly fearless Paladins into squeamish puddles of valiantly gutless scaredy-cats. So the Wizard, Bard, Cleric, and their newest allies who they had saved from the last blog of ’Wogs, led the group into the basement. They had shed all their metal equiment and were ready to fight a Rust Monster.

Nuati charmed the monster, but drew the attention of all the Bullywogs in the blog in the basement. They of course attacked the Bard on sight. The Rust Monster, despite being charmed, continued to mindlessly attempt to eat the forks and spoons stabbed into a prisoner while she hung suspended. The Bullywogs swarmed over and around the Bard, who became surrounded and called for help. Not the call to summon the metal-clad warriors hiding up the stairs, but to call the Wizard to send down a fireball., which the Wizard happily provided, singeing a few ’Wogs and crisping the rest.

While the rest of the not-well armoured group battled the Bullywogs who hadn’t burned up initially, Nuati skipped past the combatants and engaged the Rust Monster, not in a fight, but in a hug. Upon doing so, he realized that the monster had a leash, so he grabbed that instead. Once the Rust Monster was held, the Paladins were called down and they assisted in finishing off the blog and their much more powerful leader.

Despite his strength and accuracy, the grand Bullywog was unable to mortally wound any of the party before he was defeated, thankfully, though some dogs got killed pretty badly. Following the battle, the group freed the rest of the Jade Ravens and looted th bodies of the bad guys they had killed. They then spent a day resting up in town, Nuati identified some items and the group split some of the cool magical loot.

Gil got a belt of becoming really strong, which made Dimitri jealous. How Paladinly. And charitable. The Wizard got some slippers of wall-climbing — also neat. They began unloading their loot from the Sea Wyvern and sold most of the most mundane stuff they didn’t want— basic weapons, armor, and random junk they had acquired. But there remains more to be sold and a day of bureaucracy looms over the horizon once again!

January 15

The party arrived at the Vandertunt estate, but not before being attacked by acrobat-dancer fighter guys on stilts who didn’t put up too much of a fight and bumping into a drunken Dwarf who was rescued from further trouble by his companion, a Half-orc. Upon arriving at the estate they saw there was a battle they had missed, so the Basic Six continued into the building proper.

Inside, the chandelier was dropped onto the party and they were set upon by a blog of Bullywogs. Despite the aid of a falling light fixture, the Bullywogs would blog no more.

Also, the Rogue left the party in the streets before arriving at the estate. Nobody else knows why and he didn’t say anything to anyone except the Bard (the BARD knows!), so they will see him at a later date it appears.

Jan 9th


We-e-e-e-e… killed something. Captured Brissa the zombified woman and the pirate Captain Harliss.

December 19

The party, now in Treinz, scoured the town for information regarding Vanthus’ location. This wasn’t difficult news to find. Vanthus was heading for a place called Kraken’s Cove. Luckily, the Wizard had heard of this cove and knew its location. Knowing that it was difficult to arrive at by land due to mountainous terrain and such geographical hardships, the Basic Six decided to travel via sea.

Needing transport, they opted, to the Wizard’s disappointment, to take their plight and plan to the local Naval forces. Also to the Wizard’s disappointment the Navy lent the party the use of one of their smallest ships to arrive near, but not quite at, their destination. Using the borrowed ship and crew, the party attained their goal in short order, only running afoul of a small group of deformed creatures, like monkeys, after being dropped to shore by the navy a short time before. Though these the group summarily defeated, the reasoning behind the attack seemed off, as the deformed creatures had attacked as if crazed. And when each died, its corpse exploded, raining acid down on its slayer and leaving a small pool of acid where the beast’s body had fallen. Shortly after pooling into acid, the acid too would disappear, evaporating into nothing. Not knowing what to make of these beasts (soup being out of the picture), the party continued their last leg of the journey on foot.

Upon arriving, after hours and/or weeks of travel, the Six arrive but a few short hours too late. The cove was a wreck, with burned out and burning ship hulks floating about near the quays like enormous flaming bundles of wood and surrounded by wreckage and bodies. The group came to a steep cliff, and while some used their own unique ways to descend, the Bard and the Paladin Gil attempted to use a walkway. Once Nuati stepped on the walkway, it collapsed because he was too fat (Morgwais and Gil already being halfway across didn’t help), and all three fell into the sea a few yards from shore. The Wizard had cast fly upon his brother the Cleric who then carried him and the Rogue to shore safely. Also the Paladin rode his rhino off the cliff, straight into the water. Having consumed a potion of swimming, the rhino powered through the surf like a motor-boat.

But not to safety, as among the many corpses and piles of wreckage, two disturbing and deformed individuals, reminiscent of pirates, ambushed the party as Morgwais inspected their hiding places, drawn to their scent. The creatures, though dangerous, were defeated by the group. Upon their death, these monsters too blew up and puddled into acid.

Once the enemies were cleared, the Bard questioned a corpse of a dead sailor using his harp-of-dead-sailor-talking-to. The sailor revealed the details regarding the events that had so recently transpired. Having searched the beach, the group noted a ship seemingly unharmed in the events, drifting off The coast nearby. it was a well-built three-masted caravel. Grabbing his brother and the thieving Rogue, the Cleric flew out to the ship to discover it devoid of life, but in excellent condition. It bore the name Sea Wyvern, and the group claimed it for themselves before deciding to explore the caves beyond the beach like a bunch of discontented murderhoboes.

December 4

The party continued to travel along the road to Capital, and then eventually Treinz, the supposed location of Vanthus Vandertunt. The rest of the trip was uneventful and the party rested in several inns not really worth mentioning. There was one stop that housed a spectacular garden, including plants that would not grow in the mountainous terrain in normal circumstances.

Upon reaching Capital, the Basic six did some more shopping, though this was limited as their funds were universally depleted. Gil gave away some of his gear to allow him to carry new magical things. Also he felt he owed a debt to the Cleric for the trading of lesser armour for greater.

After Nuati had finished his buying and selling of trade goods, the group departed the next morning for their next stop: Treinz! Upon finally reaching the city, Nuati needed to sell his last goods. Some of his goods were in high demand, but the lord of Treinz is literally a figurative thief as he demands a 20% duty on all trade goods. The loss in duty fees was worth attempting to smuggle in the goods without the city officials taking note. So Nuati got the assistance of the Wizard, who shrank most of his trade goods to avoid the tax. Hooray for teamwork! (The Wizard was surprisingly helpful in this endeavour). Once shopping was again completed, the group rendezvoused at the manor of Lavigna [who da fuh? Ohhh, Lavinia!], deciding to rest there before searching for and confronting Vanthus, who, rumour has it, has gone off to defeat some pirates who have a thing he must want. The group wants to recover Vanthus’ stolen monies, defeat him and his allies and also the pirates and get their loot as well as whatever it is that Vanthus wants, as it must obviously be valuable, whatever it is. Because that’s what the Basic Six has always basically been: Two Paladins and a bunch of looters.

November 13

Still in Riverton, the party continued to do small things like shop and such. Nuati swept through the market, looking once more for valuables to buy, sell, or trade. He passed up a large quantity of owlbear parts however, not wanting to risk his money on something he was unfamiliar with.

The Cleric and Gil went together to buy an expensive set of +2 full plate. Riverton had no Masterwork or +1 full plate, only very expensive +2. So spending all his money, Gorin bought, with the help of Gil, the armor and gave it to his Paladin friend. In return, the Paladin handed the Dwarf his own +1 full plate. This all added up to mean that both the Cleric and Paladin gained in armor protection.

Finally, the fifth day in Riverton arrived and Dimitri’s sword was finished. He gathered his new toy and the group departed, heading for the Capital. The road was well laid out and guarded, with several inns and rest stops along the way. This was for the best, as a storm hit on the second day out of Riverton.

Having elected (and paid!) to travel in a 40+ wagon caravan, the group voted with the majority and the caravan continued through the bad weather. Of course, in the midst of the blowing snow and cold, the caravan was attacked all along its line by a pack of Winter Wolves. They attacked in concert from one side of the road, attempting to panic the group and drive individuals and horses away from the road and their allies. This worked on the Halfling, whose pony panicked and ran blindly from the blindly caravan blindly into a waiting Frost Giant, blindly. Who had been waiting for this exact situation? The Frost Giants, that’s who. (English, mudda fugga! Learn da bitch!)

The party struggled, but managed to removed the threat of nearby Winter Wolves. Dimitri charged around at anything he could see while the Wizard lobbed globs of fire at the monsters. With the Wolves downed, the group focused its attention on the Giant, who had squashed poor, poor Eddy the Pony. Dimitri led the charge against the blue-skinned evil Gargantua, which was a rough fight as the big bastard clubbed the Paladin multiple times with his, um…was it an axe?…before the Basic Six put the Giant down.

While his friends fought their nearby foes, Gil and Morgwais rode up the column, aiming to defend other caravan merchants and wagons who might not be so prepared as his companions.

After defeating the band of monsters, the group looted their defeated Giant and the party found a skilled outdoorsman to assist them in skinning the Winter Wolves, gathering their pelts. The remainder of the evening was spent repairing and reorganising the caravan following the chaos of battle.

November 6

Having defeated their not-quite-so-inanimate foes, the party decided to spend some time preparing for the next leg of their journey. Despite wanting to move quickly, the party wanted Nuati to catch up, Dimitri wished to have his silver sword enhanced, the Wizard and Cleric created some scrolls and potions. The Wizard only went one day, as he didn’t want to pay 50 gp a day in addition to his own costs. The Cleric on the other hand, visited the local temple of Moradin, where most of the Dwarven pantheon was venerated. He was very well received here, as the temple sees few Clerics of Dumathoin. Not used to being the center of attention, especially positive attention from those with real interest in his speciality, Gorin visited the Temple to discuss and work on his magic scroll etc. every day the group stayed in Riverton. Nuati showed up a day or two later, and continued his shopping.

Having reached another month’s end, the party needed to pay their various upkeeps. Some party members had been prepared and set up payments for their followers back home. Others were not so forward thinking and had to have thier payments covered temporarily by the keep. Luckily payments covered are not subject to interest charges.

November 2

The party, returning to Larcos with their rust monster captive, immediately set out to deal with the threat of the intelligent weapons. Larcos too wanted no delay and so led the way to the weapons. The party decided to keep the Cogaloxin out of the fight, as they feared the weapons may attempt to destroy the rust monster, which the group needed to defeat the weapons.
It turned out to be a good idea to leave out the rust monster if for no better reason than that the fight was confusing enough as it is. Upon Larcos entering the ‘arena’, the two sides of saliking swords were about to set upon each other. His entrance drew the attention (of course) of some weapons, from both side, who then came at the ex-paladin.
Seeing their ally in combat, the Basic Six followed suite and waded into a strange combat. Knowing the wielders themselves were doubtfully responsible, the party worked hard to keep the damage done to a minimum and beat their enemies senseless rather than to death.
The battle was long and drawn out, but the party relentlessly pounded their foes into submission. It both helped nid didn’t help that the weapons fought each other as well as the group, as they were not so concerned with lethality. Finally having won, the party fed all the weapons, careful not to contact them directly, to the Cogaloxin, who had been waiting patiently in a big cage outside.
Though useful in this circumstance, the Cogaloxin was still a threat to be dealt with. Not simply a wild beast, the Cogaloxin has connections and origins from the lower planes and is inherently evil. So, having used it to fulfill their needs, the party somberly put down the caged rust monster. A sad day for all. Following the battle, the party parted ways from the Holy liberator and readied to continue on their way.


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